Taking Care Of Your Ill Dog: What You Need To Do

When your dog is feeling ill, it can be a sad sight. Your poor dog feeling ill can cause you to feel helpless. If your dog isn't acting right, or just isn't being himself, he most likely is ill or has something else gong on with his health. To help take care of your dog, read on for some helpful tips. 

1. Call Your Veterinarian

Call your veterinarian's office to report your dog's symptoms. The veterinarian may be able to offer some helpful information over the phone, or may have you come into the office with your dog for a thorough exam to be diagnosed and for treatment options. Write down the symptoms your dog is experiencing and give this information to your veterinarian. If your dog has diarrhea or is vomiting, you should take a sample to the veterinarian clinic, along with anything else you may see in the stool or in the vomit that may indicate what is wrong with your dog.

2. Make Your Dog Comfortable

Make your dog as comfortable as possible during this time. Think about how you feel when you're sick. If you aren't feeling well, you want to rest and relax as much as possible. Your dog is going to want those same things. He is going to want to relax and stay as comfortable as possible. Skip your daily walk or your daily exercise with your dog if he isn't up for it. Let him skip the jog with you and the play date with the dogs in your neighborhood.

3. Let Him Go Out

If your dog isn't feeling well, he is going to need to go out, possible multiple times. When this happens, you'll need to let your dog out as much as he needs. Your dog may need to relieve himself multiple times, as he may be experiencing a stomachache. He may also want to eat grass to ease this pain. Let him out as much as he needs to help him start healing. Even if he just lays outside to allow the cool grass or cool patio on his stomach, if it makes him feel better, let him do it.

If your dog isn't feeling well, you're probably going to notice it in his behavioral changes. Take your dog to the veterinarian if you are unsure what is wrong with him, or if you have any other concerns with your dog. It's best to be safe to have him examined and then treated as needed.

For more information on what you can do for your ill dog, contact a veterinary clinic such as Pittsburgh Spay & Vaccination Clinic.