3 Tips for Boarding Your Two Dogs Together Comfortably

When you must board two dogs due to an upcoming trip, finding the right boarding kennel can likely come with a bit more of a challenge compared to someone with just one dog. Instead of rushing into choosing just any boarding facility and arranging for your dogs to stay there, you need to see what you should be looking for and how you can avoid common issues when your dogs haven't stayed at a boarding kennel before. 

Prioritize Spacious Kennels

If you're going to be keeping your dog's together at a boarding kennel, it's important for you to make sure that they are kept together. Instead of struggling to find a kennel with enough space, you should ask questions about how large the individual kennels are and what they will be using when your dogs are being kept together.

Checking out the size of different kennels can help make sure that your dogs can be kept together comfortably and can likely have a much better experience while staying at the kennel.

Ask About the Playtime Offered

Looking into what kind of playtime your dogs will get can ensure that they have enough stimulation for when you're away. Since you don't want a fight to break out between your dogs due to boredom, it makes sense to look into just what kind of stimulation your dogs will get.

Playtime can include everything from a one-on-one session that's situated in the kennel to taking them on a walk outside. Asking about the playtimes and whether group plays are offered can help you find somewhere your dogs will feel comfortable staying.

Compare the Rates for Boarding

Boarding two dogs together can come with an extra cost, making it important to take your time with considering the different options for pet boarding facilities. Since you want your dogs to stay in the same kennel and have access to each other for security and entertainment, reaching out to more boarding facilities and asking questions about the rates can help you find somewhere that will be affordable and be the right match for your dogs.

Having your dogs stay at a boarding facility can be important when you're traveling, but there's a lot of things that you can be looking for to make sure that your dogs will be well-adjusted and comfortable. With all the choices for pet boarding facilities, the above tips can help you narrow down the kennels and find somewhere that both of your dogs will be comfortable with.