What You Can Do to Help Your Dog Before You Can Make It to the Emergency Veterinarian

If your dog isn't feeling well, or is injured, it can be difficult to watch your furry pet suffering. You can help make your pet feel better, and do a few things for your dog in order to help it stay calm and at ease until you can get it to the emergency veterinarian clinic. Read on for some helpful tips to make your dog comfortable if you are going to the emergency veterinarian clinic.

Give Your Dog a Blanket

Give your dog a blanket and wrap it up to make it feel comforted and at ease. It can help make your dog relax, or if your dog is injured, it can help keep it from re-injuring itself if it's injured. Use the blanket and wrap your dog up as much as possible, then hold your dog on the way to the emergency clinic. You're going to need someone else to hold onto the dog while on your way to the clinic. A blanket can also offer comfort if your dog is anxious or seems to be panicking either from its injuries or illness.

Soothe Your Dog

Have someone else in the vehicle with you to soothe and comfort your dog while you drive your dog to the emergency clinic. If your dog is injured, you should have someone hold your dog for you and to offer some comfort to keep your dog calm. The blanket will help, but the soothing comfort from a person may be beneficial as well. It may also be best to have someone that is close to your dog soothe your dog, such as yourself, and have someone else drive instead.

Stop Bleeding

If your dog is bleeding from an injury, you should slow the bleeding by using a piece of cloth and holding it over the wound to help clot the blood. If your dog is bleeding a lot, you need to stop the blood to prevent too much blood loss. Major blood loss can be a major problem, and your dog may end up needing a blood transfusion if you don't do something to stop it quickly. Try to stop the bleeding and get your dog to the emergency clinic right away.

If your dog is injured or isn't feeling well, and you need to take it to the emergency veterinarian, do what you can in the meantime to make your dog more comfortable until you can get to the clinic. Call the clinic ahead of time to let them know you are going to be coming in so they are aware of the situation and ask what else you can do for your dog until you arrive.

When in doubt, the safest option is to take your pet to an emergency vet service such as South Seattle Veterinary Hospital