FAQ About Dogs Suffering From Painful Urination

Have you noticed that your dog is in distress and seems to be in pain each time that they urinate? Painful urination should not be taken lightly, as your dog could have a condition that is putting their life at risk. You need to take your pet to a veterinarian as soon as possible for a physical examination, as painful urination can be a minor problem, but can also be caused by a serious health condition. If the clinic that you usually take your pet to for checkups is closed, find the nearest animal hospital in case prompt care is needed. The vets at an animal hospital can take care of your pet to relieve the pain, as well as make a diagnosis.

What Causes a Dog to Experience Painful Urination?

A common reason for a dog to experience painful urination is from developing a minor infection, which is usually easy to treat with antibiotics. For example, painful urination can be the result of your dog developing a bladder infection. Although bladder infections can be treated with antibiotics, neglecting to get your dog treated soon enough could lead to more serious problems, such as kidney failure. Another condition that could cause painful urination for a dog is an enlarged prostate, which could be from tumor growth or several other health problems. A vet at an animal hospital can make a quick diagnosis after running tests on your dog.

Are There Other Symptoms Included with Pain?

When a dog is experiencing painful urination, there are several other symptoms that might point to medical attention being needed. You can look at your pet's urine to find signs of blood mixed in it. Bloody urine is one of the signs that the pain might be caused by urinary stones or a bladder infection. You should also look for mucus and an abnormal odor so you can let a vet know about any concerns you have. Other symptoms that might be seen are fatigue, vomiting, or swollen genitals.

How Can a Vet Help with Painful Urination?

Based on the symptoms that you explain when you take your dog to an animal hospital, a vet will begin running tests and perform an examination. Your dog might be prescribed medication for pain relief, antibiotics, and other drugs depending on what they are diagnosed with. If the condition is severe, your pet can be admitted to the hospital for further care until they are well enough to go home.