How Dental X-Rays Help Your Cat

When your cat gets his or her dental cleaning, the cat dentist may want to take X-rays. These X-rays can reveal serious hidden problems with your cat's teeth. Dental cleanings are the best time to take X-rays since your cat is already anesthetized and having his or her teeth examined. Here is more information about dental anesthesia and X-rays, why they are done, and what they can reveal. Why Would a Cat Need Dental X-Rays? Read More 

Taking Your Anxious Cat To The Vet Clinic

Most cats don't exactly love going to the vet, but they tolerate it alright. Some cats, however, become very anxious when it's time to head to the vet clinic. They may cower in the backs of their crates and even lash out at you when you attempt to pet or soothe them. It's important to realize that this reaction is born of anxiety — not anger — and to treat it as such. Read More 

3 Tip For Finding Your First Veterinarian Job

Getting into vet school can be competitive, and the curriculum will academic understanding of animals with practical experience. By graduation, most graduates likely feel quite prepared for their first veterinarian job. Despite this preparation, finding that first job without previous experience can be difficult at first. Here are three tips for making your search easier and more efficient if you are looking for a job as a veterinarian: Ensure That Listings For Veterinarian Jobs Come to You Read More 

Three Ways To Help Your Cats Get Along

Many people want and try to have multi-cat households, but experience varying levels of success. While some cats seem to get along without any issues, many others will be constantly at each other's throats, starting fights and becoming territorial with each other. If you're currently having this problem or want to know what you can do to try and keep it from happening in the first place, here are three things to consider doing for your cats. Read More 

Feline Cognitive Dysfunction: What To Do When Time Takes A Terrible Toll On Your Tabby

As with all creatures, age can bring a heavy burden for a family pet to bear, along with those who love them. One day, your kitty is bouncing off the walls and smothering you with loving purrs and playful pats, then all too soon, the aging process takes the perfect personality you've come to know and turns it into something distant and disoriented.  This is known as feline cognitive dysfunction and it can, unfortunately, befall any cat. Read More