Three Ways To Help Your Cats Get Along

Many people want and try to have multi-cat households, but experience varying levels of success. While some cats seem to get along without any issues, many others will be constantly at each other's throats, starting fights and becoming territorial with each other. If you're currently having this problem or want to know what you can do to try and keep it from happening in the first place, here are three things to consider doing for your cats. Read More 

Feline Cognitive Dysfunction: What To Do When Time Takes A Terrible Toll On Your Tabby

As with all creatures, age can bring a heavy burden for a family pet to bear, along with those who love them. One day, your kitty is bouncing off the walls and smothering you with loving purrs and playful pats, then all too soon, the aging process takes the perfect personality you've come to know and turns it into something distant and disoriented.  This is known as feline cognitive dysfunction and it can, unfortunately, befall any cat. Read More 

Pet Illnesses To Watch Out For That Vaccinations Can Prevent

When you love your pet and want to help care for them, you know that they are vulnerable and need you to keep watch over them to ensure they are safe and healthy. Your pet may encounter illnesses throughout its lifetime that you need to keep an eye out for. Some of these illnesses can be prevented with vaccinations. Read on for a few of these illnesses to keep watch for. Read More 

3 Tips for Boarding Your Two Dogs Together Comfortably

When you must board two dogs due to an upcoming trip, finding the right boarding kennel can likely come with a bit more of a challenge compared to someone with just one dog. Instead of rushing into choosing just any boarding facility and arranging for your dogs to stay there, you need to see what you should be looking for and how you can avoid common issues when your dogs haven't stayed at a boarding kennel before. Read More 

There’s A Sock In Your Dog, What Are You Going To Do?

Man's best friend is an often-used description of dogs, but this level of love is regularly tested by some of their antics. At least once during the relationship with your canine buddy, you will experience an intense feeling of dread as your dog swallows an object that was not meant for them. It may be a sock, a plastic toy, or a child's treasured soft toy. The steps you take after you watch this event occur will make a difference in how sick your dog becomes. Read More