3 Reasons Your Pet Might Need A CT Scan

Many of the diagnostic testing tools that are used on human beings also get used on animals. One such example is a CT scan. Also known as computed tomography, CT scans for animals allow veterinarians to look inside their bodies. There are several reasons your pet dog or cat would need a CT scan. Here are three of those reasons. 1. Your Pet Has Experienced Head Trauma Some of the most common causes of head trauma in pets include: Read More 

Signs Your Cat Has Allergies

One thing you may not know about cats is that they can experience allergies, just like humans. They can be allergic to grasses, pollen, other animals, and even to ingredients in food. As a cat owner, it is important to know the signs of allergies in your cat and what to do if your cat starts to show allergy signs and symptoms. Then, you can be sure you are doing everything you can to take care of your cat's health and their overall sense of well-being going forward. Read More 

Summer Care Tips for Your Dog

When you are a first-time dog owner, it can be difficult to keep up with everything you need to do to take care of your dog from season to season. Each season of the year presents its own unique challenges and tasks that need to be done. Get to know some of the summer care tips that can help you with your dog this summer. Then, you can be sure you are doing everything possible to provide the proper pet care to your dog this summer season. Read More 

Taking Care Of Your Ill Dog: What You Need To Do

When your dog is feeling ill, it can be a sad sight. Your poor dog feeling ill can cause you to feel helpless. If your dog isn't acting right, or just isn't being himself, he most likely is ill or has something else gong on with his health. To help take care of your dog, read on for some helpful tips.  1. Call Your Veterinarian Call your veterinarian's office to report your dog's symptoms. Read More 

What To Do If Your Dog Ate Your Dirty Laundry

When you are a dog owner, you may be surprised at some of the scenarios you find yourself dealing with. For example, while you might not expect it, dogs can and sometimes do get into your dirty laundry and start chowing down on it. They most often will eat socks or underwear but may go after any article of clothing, particularly ones that smell strongly of you. The question then becomes, what do you do if your dog did, in fact, eat some of your laundry? Read More