What You Can Do to Help Your Dog Before You Can Make It to the Emergency Veterinarian

If your dog isn't feeling well, or is injured, it can be difficult to watch your furry pet suffering. You can help make your pet feel better, and do a few things for your dog in order to help it stay calm and at ease until you can get it to the emergency veterinarian clinic. Read on for some helpful tips to make your dog comfortable if you are going to the emergency veterinarian clinic. Read More 

The Causes Of Itching In Dogs

If your dog has been itching you may be wondering what could be causing it. Itching in dogs can happen for several reasons. You may be a little confused about what exactly could be causing your dog to itch. The fact is, there are several reasons why your dog may start itching uncontrollably and many of them will be easy to take care of so that your dog can become comfortable once again. Read More